TherapyMate Third Party Tools

Last Updated – May 20, 2015

This page identifies the third party tools that we may use in connection with our Services. Each of our third party tool providers has its own privacy policy that describes its information collection and handling practices. These providers may use cookies, web beacons, pixel tags, or similar technologies in order to collect information. For links to their privacy policies, see below. This information may change over time. We will try to keep this information updated, but may sometimes fall behind. Web Analytics Providers We use the following web analytics providers to create a better user experience on our Sites.

  • Google Analytics

Advertising Services

We use the following third parties to serve ads on our Sites, to provide us with data collection, ad response measurement, and other marketing or related services.

  • Google Products: AdMob, AdSense, AdWords, DoubleClick

Online Survey/Form Tool We use the following online survey tool to collect feedback from our users related to our Sites and Services, as well as to improve the user experience. Participation in surveys that are sent out to users of our Services is voluntary.

  • Survey Monkey

Email and Social Media Plug-Ins

We may use communication tools to share links with the following social media networks. Social media plug-in allow you to instantly share information from our Sites directly on your social media networks. We also use third party tools to communicate and create email plug-ins that allow you to integrate your use of our Sites with your regular email and social media programs.

  • SendGrid
  • Facebook
  • Gmail, Google+
  • LinkedIn
  • Twitter
  • Windows Live
  • Yahoo Mail

Other Third Party Tools

We may use a variety of other third party tools that we may not fall into any of the above categories. The following are some other third party tools that may collect information from users.

  • Google Maps
  • Google Sites
  • Stripe
  • YouTube, by Google